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Saffron Green Tea 28 Tea Bags


Saffron Green Tea 28 Tea Bags Packs Features: A SAFFRON GREEN TEA WITH MOUTH-WATERING FLAVORS – Enjoy our brewed concoction of organic saffron flowers, Ceylon green tea, mint leaves and natural saffron that bursts with a satisfying peppermint flavor NATURAL HERBS HAND-CRAFTED BASED ON AN ANCIENT SCIENCE – Our products have been influenced by the Ayurveda culture; Our experts select the finest Ceylon leaves, herbs and spices that help promote the peacefulness to your body, mind and soul A FAMED FAMILY TRADITION - We stay true to our history and heritage, first paved by our founder, to deliver you one of the best cups of herbal tea in the world; Place an order to enjoy our organic saffron green tea today Package Dimensions: 9

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Turmeric Ginger & Ginseng (28 Tea Bags) - Olinda


Turmeric Ginger & Ginseng (28 Tea Bags) The fusion of turmeric and ginseng with ginger has magical health benefits like no other!

Turmeric Rooibos (28 Tea Bags) - Olinda


Turmeric Rooibos (28 Tea Bags) An antioxidant powerhouse, this blend of western cape honey Rooibos and earthy-sweet Turmeric is the perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle

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